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Opening bell ceremony was held at Borsa İstanbul with the participation of Borsa İstanbul Vice President Dr. Enes Korkmaz Ergun, CEO Event Chairperson Cevat Olçok, Gedik Investment Chairperson Erhan Topaç, as well as CEO Event team and many guests on May 31, 2019. The shares of CEO Event started being traded on Borsa İstanbul following the opening bell ceremony held on Friday 09.00.



Following welcoming speeches delivered at the opening bell ceremony which rang by executives of Borsa İstanbul, CEO Event and Gedik Investment, they visited Borsa İstanbul Trading Floor, which CEO Event started to be traded.



Borsa İstanbul Vice President Dr. Enes Korkmaz Ergun said “2018 was a succesful year for IPOs. The total amount of publicly offered shares in 2018 was TL 8,5 billion. CEO Event Media Ltd. is the second IPO this year. There are also several other companies that continue the process of their own IPO for the year of 2019. I hope this year will be an effective year for public offerings. TL 33 million revenue was raised from CEO Event’s IPO along with nearly 1000 investors. Taking the occasion of this succesful IPO, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this process, especially the teams of CEO Event and Gedik Investment and Borsa İstanbul and Capital Markets Board of Turkey’s specialists and I’m welcoming CEO Event who recently joined Borsa İstanbul family.”



Giving a speech at the opening bell ceremony, Chairman of the Board of CEO Event, Cevat Olçok spoke as follows: “Today, we are proud to have a ceremony that is a first for our Exchange and Capital Market. CEO Event Media Ltd. is the first event company publicly-traded. On the first day of our public offering, we received approximately 3 times more demand for our stocks. As a result of this intense interest, we concluded our public offering on the first day. To be offered public and to be traded is an educative process as much as it is difficult. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed especially CMB, Borsa İstanbul, Gedik Investment, Vizyon Group executives and employees, who have enabled us to open our path and conclude this unique work in the best possible way, along with our company's devoted performance and our efforts. We are going to take yet another twist with our public offering and listing. It is time to look forward and create new projects. We plan to invest 65 percent of the funds we obtain from the public offering to new investments, 20 percent to strengthen our working capital and 15 percent to invest in corporate headquarters and warehouse investments. I gratefullyand longingly commemorate my brother Martyr Erol Olçok, our founder, elder and master, who taught us to dream, never give up, and pursue our ideals.”



In a process that our national economy passes a tough test and balancing, CEO Event Media Ltd. publicly listed its shares successfully.On the first day of initial public offering, CEO Event stocks received 2.65 times more demand. Due to this intense interest, the public offering was concluded on Thursday (May 28th) without waiting for the second day.



Drawing attention as being the first event company publicly offerred, CEO Event sets a precedent of new financial modelling for the sector. CEO Event plans to invest 65 percent of the funds obtained from the public offering to new investments, 20 percent to strengthen our working capital and 15 percent to invest in corporate headquarters and warehouse investments.



Founded in 2006 by an ambitious team who want to bring their know-how and experience in advertising and political communication to event management, CEO Event is one of the companies that contributed the most to Turkey's event concept. Being the innovative pioneer in the field with its innovative solutions and approach that brings organisations and activities to the event dimension, CEO Event has six core scopes that are designated as areas of expertise. These are congress, entertainment, sports, fairs, design and corporate event management.



Each event, which is handled with a holistic perspective along with its economic, social, cultural and historical contexts, stands out as an indicator of the high level of trust achieved at the corporate level for CEO Event.